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Transgender-Inclusive Workplace Training & Development

Dr. Baker-Hargrove has been working in the transgender/transsexual community for over 14 years and is considered a national expert on issues related to gender transition by other mental health professionals, medical doctors who work in the field, and the clients themselves Dr. Baker-Hargrove has spoken at national conferences, conducted training seminars, and
worked with over 150 transitioning clients. Dr. Baker-Hargrove also has over 10 years experience developing and conducting corporate training programs, and policy and procedure development. BHC Assessment and Consulting is available to provide training seminars for staff about developing a transgender-inclusive workplace, and consulting services in the development of policies, procedures, and management-staff relations and mediation. Past clients include the Metropolitan Business Association of Central Florida, Come Out With Pride, Inc., Lakeside Alternatives, Inc., and University of Central Florida.

Organizational Consulting

The United States Small Business Administration estimates that 99% of all businesses in the U.S. qualify as a small business. Many new businesses are started each year and many businesses close. The SBA reports that 10% of the existing small businesses will close operations during any given year.

IN the non-profit sector, it is estimated that there are 1.1 million non-profit organizations in the United States and they employ 1 out of every 10 U.S. workers We are familiar with the giant nonprofits like The American Red Cross or Human Rights Campaign, that are immensely successful in both accomplishing their missions and maintaining financial solvency. However,
most not-for-profit organizations are small regional operations that are often struggling to survive.

The problem that small businesses and non-profit organizations face in achieving a greater level of financial success is a lack of internal knowledge about “the business of running the business”. Organizational consulting can help leaders and business owners gain a better understanding of what they need to thrive in today’s economy.

Organizational Consulting Services Include:
- Analyzing work flow processes to streamline the “business of doing the business” of the mission and make it more efficient.
- Helping board members to re-energize, refocus, and better understand their roles within the organization.
- Assistance with developing policies, procedures, and organizational bylaws.
- Development of strategic plans
- Grant writing, grant research, 501c3 applications
- Motivating teams, helping people to identify and utilize their individual strengths to contribute successfully to the team
- Helping leaders maximize their potential
- Referrals to other professional to assist with operational requirements
- Developing strategic plans for fundraising

Who Can Benefit From Organizational Consulting?
- Executive Directors and board members of non-profit organizations
- Small business owners of fewer than 100 employees
- Department heads in larger corporations or leaders of work teams

Many leaders understand their mission or their business product, but often leaders lack the knowledge of how that mission or product is effectively operationalized to create a financially successful endeavor. Organizational Consulting can help make your business dream a reality.


I had Dr. Dave come to my office because we are growing and I could use his expertise on becoming more organized. He sat with me throughout the day and was able to observe my work flow and habits. He was able to point out a few simple things that I could do to better manage my time and be more efficient. Since implementing his ideas, I’ve been able to better schedule my time and accommodate the influx of new business. Sometimes, you just need that outside observation and influence. It’s like having Dr. Dave come in and “Proof Read” the story of your business! Thank you Dr. Dave

Lisa Brown, President Bowled Over Promotions


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