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We Now Offer Group Workshops:


Partners of Transgender People
Children/Adolescents with Chronic Disease States


Research has shown group psychotherapy to be very effective in helping people sort out and resolve issues they may be dealing with.  Benefits of group therapy include realizing you are not the only one who struggles with a particular issue, learning coping skills from others who have similar life experience and the opportunity to plug into a network of healing.  Group psychotherapy differs from support groups in that psychotherapy groups are led by a qualified therapist and follow a specific therapeutic format to facilitate growth and progress.  Additionally, group psychotherapy is less expensive than one-on-one psychotherapy and can be an excellent choice for those with financial constraints. At BHC Assessment & Consulting, we offer the following groups in the form of informational workshops that will cover the following topics from meeting to meeting:


  1. Coming to Terms with being Transgender/Transsexual
  2. Coming Out
  3. Finding Your Support
  4. HRT
  5. “Fantalusions”
  6. Coming Out at Work or School
  7. “Passing”
  8. “So You’ve Transitioned. Now What?”


  1. You’re Not Alone
  2. How Can I Best Support My Partner?
  3. Is My Partner a Narcissist?
  4. Communication, Communication, and Communication
  5. Are Our Problems Due to Transgender Issues, or is it Something Else?
  6. Dealing With Your Own Identity?
  7. Sexual Issues
  8. Taking Care of YOU


  1. Dealing with Depression
  2. Coping with Anger/Irritability
  3. Dealing with Denial
  4. Feeling “Different”
  5. Teens with Diabetes (Also Covers Substance Use)
  6. Fighting Anxiety
  7. Self Esteem
  8. Overview


  1. Treatment: Where to Start
  2. Self: Awareness, Acceptance, and Self Esteem
  3. Dealing with Positive (or Psychotic) Symptoms
  4. Dealing with Negative Symptoms
  5. Dealing with Cognitive Symptoms
  6. Relapse Prevention
  7. Medication Management
  8. Living Your Best & Fullest Life


Meeting Schedule
MONDAYS 4-6: Children/Adolescents with Chronic Disease States
TUESDAYS 5:30-7: Partners of Transgender Persons
WEDNESDAYS 1-3: Schizophrenia
THURSDAYS 5:30-7: Transgender/Transsexual Persons

Workshops are $20 per person and are held once a week for an 8 week period. Space is limited and reservations must be made in advance.

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