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BHC Assessment and Consulting offers an array of services to attorneys and law firms that include:

Expert Testimony – Dr. Baker-Hargrove has been credentialed in U.S. Federal Court as an expert witness in the areas of post-traumatic stress disorder and transgender issues. He has been credentialed in the 18th Circuit Court as an expert witness in the area of transgender issues.

Mental Health Research/Case Consultations – We are knowledgeable about a variety of mental health issues that are involved in cases and have served as consultants for attorneys in criminal cases, workman’s compensation cases, matters of immigration, and family disputes to conduct research and provide counsel with information vital to support a case that wins.

Mental Health Evaluations – We provide evaluations on the status of mental health and disability.

Gay & Lesbian/Transgender Clients – We specialize in working with members of this community and can provide counsel with vital education or information to help prepare cases that win.

Staff Education – Dr. Baker-Hargrove has provided educational services to larger firms and the Florida Bar to help staff develop skills in stress management, customer service, and dealing with
difficult people.

Often clients seek attorneys during the most troubling times of their lives. We serve as a great referral resource for helping your clients get their lives back on track.


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